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A picture's worth a thousand words: What about your business?

Does it seem like a lifetime ago when you first dreamed of starting your own business in California? Perhaps you filled notebooks full of ideas, and maybe you even designed your own business cards. Years of hard work paid off and now you're looking ahead to the future. Whether you're thinking of retirement, developing a plan of succession for future generations, or facing challenges regarding property division in a divorce, it may be necessary to seek a business valuation before you can accomplish your goals.

4 options for enforcing your creditor's rights

As a business owner, you may have faced situations in which a customer has failed to fully pay a bill or other debts. You may feel at a loss as to how to effectively go about obtaining the money owed to you. However, as a creditor, you have rights, and you could take advantage of numerous options available to you when it comes to a customer who owes you a debt.

Business leases upon death

Coping with a death is never an easy task. Unfortunately, for the executor and the business partners, it's a necessary follow-up to keep things running. While most business owners have a transition plan in place, sometimes a business dies along with its owner. When that happens, who gets the lease?

Tips for selling your business

Thinking about selling your business? You need to consider these issues before making any final agreements. The process of selling a business involves negotiation and leverage, much like when incentives are given to employees for a job well done. When selling your business, it is vital to have a letter of intent to protect your interests.

Tips to consider when starting your own business

Your dream has been to start your own business. Now the time is finally here, but where do you start? Starting your business can seem overwhelming. You will need to research legal issues and develop a business plan that addresses how you will achieve your goals.

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