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Understand how your actions can impact the environment

Every action that you take has the possibility of impacting the environment. Natural resources law is an area of the law that helps keep the impacts that companies have on these resources to a minimum. It is imperative that you take the time to learn which aspects of this area of practice will have an impact on your company.

Find out how environmental laws might affect your business

There are many different things that you have to think about when you own a business. It is necessary that you ensure that your business is in compliance with these laws so that you aren't having to deal with legal battles due to noncompliance. Failing to comply with these laws could lead to lengthy legal battles, which could take your focus off of your business.

Changing environmental laws are hard to keep up with

Making sure that your company is in compliance with applicable environmental laws is one thing that is crucial to avoid having to deal with legal issues. This is often difficult because of the rapid pace at which laws seem to be changing lately.

Learn your options when laws impact your property usage

Certain lands are protected under federal and state statues. If these areas land on property that you own, you will be limited as to what you can do with them. In our previous blog post, we discussed the case of the farmer who is facing hefty fines because of mowing grass in his own field.

A $2.8 million dollar fee for plowing your own field?

A California farmer will stand trial for what federal prosecutors claim was a $2.8 million plowing violation. Allegedly, the owner of a 450-acre wheat farm in Modesto plowed the soil on his land without proper permitting, which federal prosecutors say should result in him paying a fine of $2.8 million.

Researchers worried about impact of ocean levels on California

Being a coastal state on a not-always stable landmass, California often has to deal with the impact of climate and earthquakes. Businesses and developers always have to keep weather and climate in mind when they are building new locations or making changes on properties, but they must also ensure everything they do is in line with natural resource law. One of the reasons for such laws is to try to mitigate the impact that growth and development has on the environment and climate.

What are some important federal national resource laws?

Numerous natural resource laws and regulations exist at all levels of government, and it's a good idea for businesses to be familiar with any that are related to their region or industry. Here's a look at a few essential federal natural resource laws.

California coastal monument extended in late act by President

President Obama has acted to extend the California Coastal National Monument in the few weeks of his term. The monument is a series of coastal formations along the Pacific Coast, and the expansion added about 6,200 acres to the protected landscape. The action from the president was in keeping with the wishes of numerous state politicians and several activities groups, who have been asking for the expansion for some time.

Will upcoming political changes impact natural resource law?

While politics and the law are never mutually exclusive in the United States, one area where state and federal policy have a huge impact on the law is with regard to natural resources and the environment. In the wake of this month's election and given the upcoming changing of the guard on a federal level, many are wondering what might come of natural resource law.

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