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Land use and zoning issues must be addressed swiftly

Buying and selling real estate is an involved and expensive task. Making sure that you have everything in order can be exhausting, especially when you are dealing with large transactions or multiple ones at the same time. It is all too easy to miss something when you are going through the process.

Know land use and zoning laws for properties you are considering

When you buy property in California, you can't do whatever you want to do on the land. Instead, you have to use the land in accordance with the applicable zoning and land use laws. These laws are set by municipalities to govern how land is used. A host of factors go into each one of these guidelines.

Know the zoning types when considering properties

When you purchase property, you have to consider the zoning of the property and the intended use. In some cases, the permitted uses are set by the law. There are a few primary types of zoning that you need to think about. Under each of these, there might be subtypes that you have to consider.

Land use and zoning issues can often be handled in legal ways

When you find a place where you want to build your business, there are several things to consider. One of these is what the zoning for the property is. You might find that you are running up against zoning or land use issues at your perfect location. We are here to help you learn what options you have to address these serious issues.

Zoning issues are complicated matters in some cases

One consideration that business owners have to think about when they are trying to find a location for their business is how the intended location is zoned. Zoning ordinances and planning are meant to limit the type of activity that will occur in an area. For example, you wouldn't want to place a factory on a quiet residential street.

What are stream buffers?

Stream buffers are areas of plants and trees around a stream or river that help maintain the ecosystem and the quality of the water. The buffers are either bits of natural landscape that are purposefully left alone, even when other areas of the stream are being developed, or they are planted there by contractors or conservationists.

What are preservation easements?

Preservation easements are a type of legal tool that can be used to protect certain types of land or structures, though they can also impede development or renovation plans for home or commercial property owners. Such easements can be especially frustrating if you run into them without knowing about them before you make plans or investments.

When might land use planning be necessary?

Land use planning usually occurs when there is some conflict over how land should be used or cared for or if the needs associated with the land are changing. Land use planning usually involves an assessment of the potential of the land, specifically related to resources such as water or minerals. Social and economic conditions, adjoining land use and condition and environmental factors are usually considered in this planning, which is often required to follow systemic government guidelines. Government agencies often play a role in land use planning.

Land use laws can get complicated in California

California land use laws can be very complicated, and when you are looking to build a residential or commercial building on any property, it behooves you to understand what zoning and land use laws might come into play. Not doing complete due diligence before you commit to a project can result in unplanned delays and expenses that make your project unprofitable or even impossible to complete.

Landscaping rules for mobile home parks

In many areas of the country, homeowners and those who own commercial properties are free to landscape their property as they see fit. However, in and around Bakersfield — as in most areas of California — water usage limits the type of landscaping that is allowed by law.

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