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Deciding whether to lease or purchase property for your business

As a business owner, you are expected to make decisions that are best for the business. One of these decisions is whether you need to purchase a property or a lease a property. There are some very specific things that you need to think about when you are ready to make this decision.

Take proper steps to choose a business form before opening

When you are ready to get your business off the ground, you have to think about what business form you are going to use. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it does take work and considerable thought to make this decision.

Plan all business transactions carefully

The transactions that you complete on behalf of your business can have a huge impact on your business' success. Everything from making sure that your trade secrets are safe to handling real estate matters must be done with your company's interests in mind.

California makes move to stabilize marijuana regulations

California has been a national leader on the legal marijuana front for years. However, one of the disadvantages of numerous law changes over decades is that regulation of cannabis has been hit-and-miss, leaving residents and businesses at risk.

Protecting your business if someone files bankruptcy

When consumers or other businesses file for bankruptcy, they are afforded a number of rights that are meant to help them come to appropriate arrangements regarding debt. For example, one of the protections of bankruptcy is known as the automatic stay. That means that whatever collections activity was occurring on most account must stop; a home in foreclosure cannot be foreclosed upon. Creditors can no longer pursue the debt via phone or mail or seek judgments, levies or garnishments while the bankruptcy filing is active.

A picture's worth a thousand words: What about your business?

Does it seem like a lifetime ago when you first dreamed of starting your own business in California? Perhaps you filled notebooks full of ideas, and maybe you even designed your own business cards. Years of hard work paid off and now you're looking ahead to the future. Whether you're thinking of retirement, developing a plan of succession for future generations, or facing challenges regarding property division in a divorce, it may be necessary to seek a business valuation before you can accomplish your goals.

What are some advantages of an S corporation?

When setting up your business, it's important to know how the type of organization you choose will impact financial, legal and other issues in the future. One option for some businesses is an S corporation, and it comes with a number of benefits and some disadvantages. Working with a lawyer experienced in business law helps you understand what the pros and cons are and how they apply to your situation, so you can make an educated decision about business formation.

4 options for enforcing your creditor's rights

As a business owner, you may have faced situations in which a customer has failed to fully pay a bill or other debts. You may feel at a loss as to how to effectively go about obtaining the money owed to you. However, as a creditor, you have rights, and you could take advantage of numerous options available to you when it comes to a customer who owes you a debt.

4 legal mistakes small business owners can avoid

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have a lot on their minds, and they often work many hours a week getting products ready, planning marketing and dealing with customer service issues. Legal issues aren't always front and center in their minds, which is one reason it's a good idea to work with legal professionals if you're planning to launch or grow your business. Here are a few legal mistakes small business owners might make that you can avoid.

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