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Avoiding the potential pitfalls of a commercial lease

Like many entrepreneurs, you may look at a new year as a chance to raise your standards. This may mean finally taking a dream or an idea and making it into a business. Along with plans for your product or service, you may be enlisting the help of friends or family members, or you may be considering seeking employees through ads or temp agencies.

Avoiding litigation by choosing arbitration

Legal disputes are both complex and costly for small businesses in California. They can drain your financial resources, add a significant amount of stress to your life and pose a threat to your future security. If you are facing the threat of a lawsuit or are already embroiled in a complicated dispute, you know how important it is to reach a beneficial solution, fast. 

Don't get stuck on the launchpad as your new business takes off

You may have encountered any number of reactions when you first toward your friends and family that you planned to start your own business. Some of your California colleagues may have patted your back, wished you well, then told you that you were crazy. Others may have supported your dream and offered to help you along the way. If any of those happened to be financial analysts or people well-versed in business and commercial law, you may want to take them up on their offers.

What to expect as the executor of an estate

Whether it came as a shock or you were expecting the conversation, the recent request of a loved one for you to be the executor of his or her estate may have left you with mixed emotions. Certainly, of all the people your loved one knows, to have chosen you speaks volumes about your integrity and the level of trust your family places in you.

3 B's for starting your business

As a creative and driven individual, you likely have had the idea of starting your own business for some time. However, you may not have known where exactly to begin in terms of getting the ball rolling on this venture. Because you undoubtedly want your business to succeed, starting out on the right foot could help ensure that you and your company thrive in the manner you find most fitting.

Is mold making your tenants sick?

Your role as a property owner includes many tasks, such as collecting rent, repairing damage and addressing complaints from your tenants. Keeping your property safe and habitable may seem like an endless job, but if owning rental property has been your goal, you may enjoy the challenge.

Were you accused of breaching your fiduciary duty?

As a business owner or member of a company's board of directors, you owe a duty to the shareholders, partners or investors in the business. This fiduciary relationship results from the trust and confidence another party puts in you. This fiduciary relationship often arises out of federal and California laws or through the circumstances under which your relationship to the other party began.

Inheritances may be fair but not square

You probably have fond (or not-so-fond) memories of your children squabbling over something. Maybe from the time the first sibling arrived, the rivalry between them was apparent, and it was common to see them tussling over the last cookie, a favorite toy or the TV remote. They may have even rivaled for your affection, with one seeking approval by going on to become a great success while another sought your attention with charm.

To mediate or not to mediate. That is the question

After running a business for any length of time, it's possible that you will end up in a dispute with another business or individual. If your efforts to work out the issue fall on deaf ears, you might need to consider taking legal action. The question is whether to enter into costly, time-consuming and often frustrating litigation, or to choose another avenue of resolving the dispute.

4 important aspects of creating a business contract

Contracts play an important role in various areas of life. Whether the contract acts as a rental agreement, employment understanding or business relationship terms, this document provides a solid foundation for you and the other individuals entering into the agreement. As a business owner, you undoubtedly want to ensure that any contract you enter with another person or company has clarity for all parties involved and has legal standing.

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