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Beware the dangers of water pollution

Companies are expected to have proper protocol in place to prevent water pollution from occurring. In fact, federal laws to help protect waterways are in place for this purpose. The reasons for trying to prevent water pollution are very serious.

Wildlife can suffer because of pollution in the water. Additionally, people who live near the waterways and those who go swimming and rely on the source for water can also suffer harm because of the pollution.

There are many ways that water can be polluted. Some of these include improper industrial waste discharge and improper disposal of chemicals. In these cases, the water is either directly polluted or indirectly polluted due to rain water running off into the waterway. Regardless of the cause of pollution, the impacts remain the same.

There is a chance that contaminates on the ground and in the water might make their way into homes and businesses. People might end up drinking contaminated water, which could be disastrous. On top of that, aquatic life can suffer harm and disease due to contaminates in the water.

When the applicable laws regarding water pollution aren't complied with, there is a chance that the business will face legal action because of the issues. Determining how to address these allegations is imperative. You don't want to do anything that is going to get your company into hot water, so you need to understand the laws and determine how you can respond.

Ultimately, your goal is to protect your company. You also need to work on protecting the environment by ensuring that your business is using appropriate measures to protect waterways in your area.

Source: World Wide Fund For Nature, "Water Pollution," accessed Dec. 06, 2017

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