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Changing environmental laws are hard to keep up with

Making sure that your company is in compliance with applicable environmental laws is one thing that is crucial to avoid having to deal with legal issues. This is often difficult because of the rapid pace at which laws seem to be changing lately.

Recently, there are changes on the horizon on the federal and state levels for anyone with environmental law compliance requirements. On the federal level, the House of Representatives recently passed a law that could make it difficult to impossible for California to enforce the water laws.

HR23 is said to have been pushed to help ranchers and farmers get more water; however, some people are concerned about what the law will mean to the environment. Another issue that is noted is that only California laws and the state's environment would be impacted by this bill.

On the state level, there are more than 130 bills that have been introduced to try to address the housing crisis in the state. Some of these bills attempt to address the need for housing by doing away with or severely discouraging the need to have studies done to determine how a building project would impact the environment and determine how to mitigate those impacts.

It is easy to see both sides of the issues related to these bills. No matter which side you are on, the one thing that you have to remember is that you must comply with laws as they come up. This means staying on top of the laws, which can be challenging. It might be easier for you to work with someone who can study laws and let you know how they apply to your company.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, "House-passed bill would eviscerate state water, environmental laws," Richard Frank, Aug. 03, 2017

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