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May 2017 Archives

Zoning issues are complicated matters in some cases

One consideration that business owners have to think about when they are trying to find a location for their business is how the intended location is zoned. Zoning ordinances and planning are meant to limit the type of activity that will occur in an area. For example, you wouldn't want to place a factory on a quiet residential street.

Read the clauses in a commercial rental lease before signing

Commercial real estate transactions can be tricky, especially for a new business owner. You have to carefully scrutinize the leases that come with rental spaces for businesses because there are often clauses that could cost you considerable money. We understand that you might not know what you need to check for, so we are here to help you out.

To mediate or not to mediate. That is the question

After running a business for any length of time, it's possible that you will end up in a dispute with another business or individual. If your efforts to work out the issue fall on deaf ears, you might need to consider taking legal action. The question is whether to enter into costly, time-consuming and often frustrating litigation, or to choose another avenue of resolving the dispute.

Know the components of an estate plan

Estate planning is important for all adults, but when you have a business to think about or considerable assets, you have to take the time to ensure that your estate plan clearly conveys your wishes. There are several tools that you can use to create an estate plan that shows what you want to happen. We can help you to go through the different options that you have so that you can choose the ones that you feel are best for your situation.

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