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Researchers worried about impact of ocean levels on California

Being a coastal state on a not-always stable landmass, California often has to deal with the impact of climate and earthquakes. Businesses and developers always have to keep weather and climate in mind when they are building new locations or making changes on properties, but they must also ensure everything they do is in line with natural resource law. One of the reasons for such laws is to try to mitigate the impact that growth and development has on the environment and climate.

The changing climate -- both man-caused and natural -- can be a fierce force that impacts California residents and businesses. Some recent studies have shown that the rising ocean levels could cause a big issue for coastal residents, and those issues could resonate inland to impact others.

The significance of the ocean rise isn't likely to be felt within the next few years -- it's likely future generations that will deal with the fallout. Scientists believe that the oceans could rise as much as 3.4 feet by the year 2100; that might not sound like a lot, but it could result in marsh lands becoming ocean and coastal properties flooding permanently. Researchers believe some changes in certain regulations and environmental laws could reduce that rise by at least a foot.

Another study shows a much more climatic outcome, with a worse-case scenario of a 10-foot rise by the end of this century. Whether or not you believe California will be under water in a generation or two, understanding natural resource law and how your business can comply with environmental regulation helps you protect natural areas and stay out of legal troubles.

Source: SF Gate, "Sea-level rise in California could be catastrophic, study says," Kurtis Alexander, April 12, 2017

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