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California makes move to stabilize marijuana regulations

California has been a national leader on the legal marijuana front for years. However, one of the disadvantages of numerous law changes over decades is that regulation of cannabis has been hit-and-miss, leaving residents and businesses at risk.

In many cases, the line between legal and illegal wasn't clear to everyone, making it easy to overstep the bounds without realizing it. In other instances, lack of regulation and control made it possible for some businesses to put customers at risk.

Governor Jerry Brown has recently proposed some legislative changes that would be added to the Budget Trailer Bill. These fixes are meant to provide technical changes that allow the state to more efficiently and consistently govern the cannabis industry, making lines less gray. While terms that are better spelled out are certainly a boon for businesses, the likely increase in regulation that is going to come along might be a concern.

As medical and recreational marijuana laws become more aligned, businesses in the space are going to have to learn how to walk new legal lines. Those who are looking to act ethically and on the right side of the law might need to work with business law professionals to understand exactly what the requirements are and make appropriate changes to policies, contracts and customer service.

While this is specific to cannabis businesses, the premise holds true across all types of industries. Laws are always changing, and it's important to keep up with how regulations can impact your business processes and decisions. Many business owners that fall afoul of legal requirements do so out of ignorance or misunderstanding, not out of purposeful wrongdoing.

Source: Above the Law, "California Set To Harmonize Recreational And Medical Marijuana Laws," Hilary Bricken, April 24, 2017

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