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March 2017 Archives

3 reasons not to fight eminent domain battles alone

Eminent domain issues arise for small businesses or residents who own property that public agencies are looking to develop for various projects. When faced with an offer from such agencies, many people don't know that they have rights and options. While avoiding eminent domain completely is difficult, it does happen. Even if you end up selling your property, you certainly don't have to accept a bottom-barrel offer. By working with an experienced law firm, you can protect your interests.

Tips for executors distributing the assets from an estate

One of the duties of an executor is to distribute the assets of an estate. How complex of a job this turns out to be depends on a number of factors, such as how big the estate is, how many assets there are and how many heirs are supposed to inherit those assets.

A picture's worth a thousand words: What about your business?

Does it seem like a lifetime ago when you first dreamed of starting your own business in California? Perhaps you filled notebooks full of ideas, and maybe you even designed your own business cards. Years of hard work paid off and now you're looking ahead to the future. Whether you're thinking of retirement, developing a plan of succession for future generations, or facing challenges regarding property division in a divorce, it may be necessary to seek a business valuation before you can accomplish your goals.

What are some advantages of an S corporation?

When setting up your business, it's important to know how the type of organization you choose will impact financial, legal and other issues in the future. One option for some businesses is an S corporation, and it comes with a number of benefits and some disadvantages. Working with a lawyer experienced in business law helps you understand what the pros and cons are and how they apply to your situation, so you can make an educated decision about business formation.

How estate planning relates to residential real estate purchases

We know when you're buying a new home, you've already got a lot of things on your mind. The last thing you might want to deal with is more paperwork and more decision-making, but there are a few benefits to considering some estate planning matters as you go through with any residential real estate purchase.

What are stream buffers?

Stream buffers are areas of plants and trees around a stream or river that help maintain the ecosystem and the quality of the water. The buffers are either bits of natural landscape that are purposefully left alone, even when other areas of the stream are being developed, or they are planted there by contractors or conservationists.

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