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3 reasons for legal backup during real estate transactions

It's possible to buy or sell real estate without a dedicated attorney, though you usually need someone with legal credentials to step in for the final documents. Even though that's the case, we don't recommend working without a legal safety net -- aka an experienced professional on your side -- because there are any number of things that can go wrong in the process.

One of the first things that can derail your real estate transaction or cause you a number of costly legal issues if you aren't prepared is a dispute over the contract or other issue related to the sale. Contracts are breached all the time in this industry, and if another party steps out of the transaction -- or steps over a line in the transaction -- it can be a big hit to your plans and your pocket. Our firm works with you to plan ahead and put legal tools in place to minimize such issues.

The title can be a surprising question mark in your real estate transaction. Title law can get complex, and you never know when something odd will crop up in a title's history. If there was a lien or issue with the title in the past -- even if the current owner doesn't realize it -- that issue might transfer to you if you make the purchase. Strong title research helps you avoid encumbered properties, and we can help you take care of legal issues if you find yourself holding such a title.

Finally, not all real estate transactions involve buying and selling. If you're involved in renting residential or commercial real estate, then chances are you'll eventually run into a landlord-tenant disagreement. Our firm works with you to protect against such issues and to resolve them quickly and legally when they arise.

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