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January 2017 Archives

Probate troubles can pale compared to family litigation woes

We've often written on the topic of probate and how you might keep certain assets out of this legal process. In reality, probate isn't the green-eyed monster that wants to gobble up your hard-won wealth. In fact, in most cases, probate is simply a formal proceeding that ensures your estate is adjudicated according to both the laws of your state and the provisions you set forth in any estate planning documents.

4 legal mistakes small business owners can avoid

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have a lot on their minds, and they often work many hours a week getting products ready, planning marketing and dealing with customer service issues. Legal issues aren't always front and center in their minds, which is one reason it's a good idea to work with legal professionals if you're planning to launch or grow your business. Here are a few legal mistakes small business owners might make that you can avoid.

Can you protect business assets with estate planning?

You can protect all types of assets with the right estate planning, but how you go about securing those assets depends on a variety of factors. You'll need to know who you want to pass on assets to, what your goals for retirement and legacy are and what type of access you might need to your assets in the future. By working with an experienced business law and estate attorney, you can put these goals into action via a will, trusts and other estate planning tools.

California coastal monument extended in late act by President

President Obama has acted to extend the California Coastal National Monument in the few weeks of his term. The monument is a series of coastal formations along the Pacific Coast, and the expansion added about 6,200 acres to the protected landscape. The action from the president was in keeping with the wishes of numerous state politicians and several activities groups, who have been asking for the expansion for some time.

Should you list every asset in your will?

Many individuals may have certain items they consider priceless due to sentimental value rather than monetary worth. In many cases, these items come as the source of conflict when surviving family members begin seeking parts of a recently-deceased loved one's estate. Therefore, while creating your estate plans, you may wish to consider steps that could potentially allow you to help your family avoid such conflicts.

When might land use planning be necessary?

Land use planning usually occurs when there is some conflict over how land should be used or cared for or if the needs associated with the land are changing. Land use planning usually involves an assessment of the potential of the land, specifically related to resources such as water or minerals. Social and economic conditions, adjoining land use and condition and environmental factors are usually considered in this planning, which is often required to follow systemic government guidelines. Government agencies often play a role in land use planning.

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