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Creating strong business goals for 2017

With the new year rolling quickly upon us, it's time to set goals and make plans for success in 2017. One way you can achieve success in 2017 is to stay clear of legal woes that can drag your brand and business through costly processes. Keeping up with contracts and other legal matters with help from an experienced professional is a great way to hedge your bets this year, and here are some other things you can do to increase your chances of success.

Set goals that work with your brand's values. One mistake many business owners make is setting goals that don't align with their values, vision and mission. Even if you are able to obtain the goals, you aren't successful if they don't support your values. You might also find yourself diluting your brand by seeking goals that aren't in line with what your business is about.

Create goals that are within your control. While challenging goals are important because they push you toward success, make sure you don't create goals that rely solely on someone else. This is especially important in business, because your success in certain areas could depend on so many factors. Don't set a goal to launch a new product when that product is not approved under federal guidelines, for example. That puts your goal in the hands of the government. Instead, set a goal to come up with a product that does meet federal guidelines.

Finally, understand how time impacts your ability to achieve goals. If you set a quarterly goal that would realistically take a year to achieve, you set yourself up for failure. Push yourself and your company, but understand that time creates some rules you can't get around.

Source: Entrepreneur, "6 Tips for Goal-Setting That, Trust Me, They Don't Teach You in College," Phil la Duke, accessed Dec. 30, 2016

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