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December 2016 Archives

Creating strong business goals for 2017

With the new year rolling quickly upon us, it's time to set goals and make plans for success in 2017. One way you can achieve success in 2017 is to stay clear of legal woes that can drag your brand and business through costly processes. Keeping up with contracts and other legal matters with help from an experienced professional is a great way to hedge your bets this year, and here are some other things you can do to increase your chances of success.

What are some common lease terms in commercial contracts?

Whether you're leasing commercial property to businesses or signing an agreement on new property so your company can take root in the neighborhood, it's important to understand some basic elements of your contract. Commercial leases can get incredibly complex, so you might want to have a business and commercial law professional help you with negotiations, but it's still critical to know what common terms you might see.

Should your business give gifts during the holidays?

Amid all the bustle of holiday gift-giving, you might not realize that there are possible legal implications if your business decides to give gifts this season. That doesn't mean you shouldn't show your clients, customers or business partners some sort of appreciation via token gifts, but it does mean you should consider gift selections carefully and understand all business and legal requirements.

An estate plan is more than who gets what when you die

When you create your estate plan, there are several things that you have to think about. Most people think that the estate plan is simply noting who will get what in a way that is unmistakable and in accordance with state laws. This isn't the case. You also have to think about your living will and power of attorney for health care. This document can have a significant impact on you and your final days, so you must be very careful with how you handle it.

The most common reasons for challenging a will

Ideally, a written will expresses the true wishes of a loved one for the distribution of any assets in his or her estate. Your loving parent or grandparent may have desired to provide you with something special after death. Perhaps it was a generous amount of money or property. Maybe it was a trinket that had enormous sentimental value.

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