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Land use laws can get complicated in California

California land use laws can be very complicated, and when you are looking to build a residential or commercial building on any property, it behooves you to understand what zoning and land use laws might come into play. Not doing complete due diligence before you commit to a project can result in unplanned delays and expenses that make your project unprofitable or even impossible to complete.

One example of how complex these types of decisions can be in the state can be seen when you consider the ongoing state water and land use surveys. Since 1947, the state has required regular investigations into the needs and use of water. Currently, the California Department of Water Resources is tasked with conducting these investigations and making recommendations about the use and management of water across the state.

Water is just one thing that can impact how you can use land, but it can affect your plans in major ways. Understanding how your land or project is impacted by current changes in water investigations is essential. It's also important to understand which recommendations and rules were in effect when you started your project or built your building, because some elements of land use might be grandfathered in when regulations change.

Keep track of all these decisions and regulations can be time consuming and tedious, but they are critical to success with your project. Working with a land use attorney can help you avoid unplanned issues, and if you face a legal or regulatory problem during or after development, seeking assistance quickly from an experienced professional can mean the difference between a complete loss and salvaging your project. Our firm can work with you to make a positive difference and help save your project.

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