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Good estate planning starts with you

Chances are you have heard at least a few horrifying stories about the many estate issues that can arise after a person dies. Even if you do not know anyone who has had to deal with these issues, you have probably heard a story or two on the news. Unfortunately, these tales strike fear into the hearts of those who have yet to engage in estate planning. As a result, people often put off this very important task.

We have served residents of the Kern County region of California for over 30 years and we have seen how good estate planning works to prevent some of the legal matters that can occur after a death. Our firm has helped many of your neighbors plan in a way that prevents will and trust disputes as well as probate issues. One of the most important pieces of advice we hand out to our clients is "good estate planning starts with you."

What this means is this: If there is ever a time to be truthful with yourself about your estate, your heirs and yourself, this is it. It is within your power to plan your estate in such a way that the risk of disputes arising among your family members is greatly minimized. Proper planning with an estate planning attorney can also help you avoid some of the mistakes that could render all of your hard work moot.

In the end, you want your estate handled a certain way and you want your heirs to be at peace. These goals are within your reach and it is easier than you think to achieve them. You can learn more about good estate planning on our website and on our blog.

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