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November 2016 Archives

Good estate planning starts with you

Chances are you have heard at least a few horrifying stories about the many estate issues that can arise after a person dies. Even if you do not know anyone who has had to deal with these issues, you have probably heard a story or two on the news. Unfortunately, these tales strike fear into the hearts of those who have yet to engage in estate planning. As a result, people often put off this very important task.

Land use laws can get complicated in California

California land use laws can be very complicated, and when you are looking to build a residential or commercial building on any property, it behooves you to understand what zoning and land use laws might come into play. Not doing complete due diligence before you commit to a project can result in unplanned delays and expenses that make your project unprofitable or even impossible to complete.

Will upcoming political changes impact natural resource law?

While politics and the law are never mutually exclusive in the United States, one area where state and federal policy have a huge impact on the law is with regard to natural resources and the environment. In the wake of this month's election and given the upcoming changing of the guard on a federal level, many are wondering what might come of natural resource law.

Shielding your interests when a customer files bankruptcy

The bankruptcy laws provide consumers and consumer businesses with a variety of protections should they find themselves in an untenable financial situation. For example, as soon as a bankruptcy petition is filed, creditors must cease collection activity, and if a consumer or business can provide the right information and goes through the process, they are likely to be granted a discharge or approval of a Chapter 13 reorganization plan.

The advantages of staging your home

When you are looking to sell your home, the process can seem daunting, and everyday tasks like preparing the empty house for prospective buyers can be easy to let go as you try to deal with the paperwork and other requirements that come with selling a property. It's understandable that it happens, but it is also imperative that homeowners realize how important the staging and presentation of a house can be. After all, even if you are a little too busy to stage everything for yourself, you can always find a realtor who understands the advantages it brings and who works with you to make sure it gets done.

Heirs aren't the only ones battling over Prince estate

The Prince estate case brings together numerous matters related to both business and estate law. You might have seen the reports that the star passed away without a will, leaving the court with a lot of legwork to do in making certain decisions about probate. One of the first things the court did was to appoint a temporary estate administrator. It chose a company with experience in the industry to handle this task.

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