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Your home-based business might not be legal

Most people know when they start a business outside of the home that zoning laws apply. You can't start farming in the middle of a residential neighborhood, and you can't buy a warehouse in the middle of a crowded industrial district and open up shop as a retail clothing store without a lot of research into zoning requirements. While you do have some leeway in your own home, some things aren't allowed depending on where you live.

Landscaping rules for mobile home parks

In many areas of the country, homeowners and those who own commercial properties are free to landscape their property as they see fit. However, in and around Bakersfield — as in most areas of California — water usage limits the type of landscaping that is allowed by law.

Is your business contract protecting you?

Making the decision to start a business is an exciting time for many people. It is common to get excited about getting started on your dream and possibly sever ties with a traditional boss for good. But starting a business doesn't mean an end to following rules. In fact, there is a whole new set that come into play.

Investing in a new business location

Whether you're a home-based business ready to branch out or you simply want to open a new location in a geographic area where your business isn't represented, choosing the right location is essential to success. Working with professionals to make the right choice and ensure all the details are handled is a good way to reduce the stress of a business expansion, but you'll also have to do some of the research and decision-making yourself.

Don't leave your business out of end-of-life plans

If you are a small business owner, then you probably have a lot on your plate. We've met with many business owners who are so busy getting their business up and running and remaining successful, they often put off other things -- especially if the tasks seem like things of a personal nature. One thing that might be shifted to the back burner is estate and succession planning, which is not just bad for you and your family. It could be disastrous for the longevity of your business.

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