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August 2016 Archives

Tips for selling your business

Thinking about selling your business? You need to consider these issues before making any final agreements. The process of selling a business involves negotiation and leverage, much like when incentives are given to employees for a job well done. When selling your business, it is vital to have a letter of intent to protect your interests.

The benefits of having a business plan

An overwhelming percentage of new small businesses fail within few years of operation. There are a variety of reasons why a business might not be successful but the majority of companies that do find longevity have one thing in common: a business plan.

California water rights can be confusing

Water rights govern how a person or entity can use, hold and distribute water on properties. Typically a person or business that owns land where there is running water cannot simply horde or withhold that water in an unnatural way without certain rights and permits. Owning the land is not the same thing as owning the water.

Stop putting off estate planning

We get it: Estate planning is not anyone's idea of a conversational party topic. We also know that it is an essential thing for everyone to consider. A few weeks ago, we talked about how it's never too early to look at your estate plan. Today, we want to remind you that it's also never too late.

Understanding a few zoning law construction terms

Business owners and managers dealing with construction and zoning issues must often deal with complex paperwork. That paperwork usually involves a lot of legal and building vocabulary that isn't always used in daily conversation. Understanding these terms is important to ensuring your projects follow appropriate zoning laws. Working with a construction or commercial business lawyer to understand all documents and requirements for your projects can also help you avoid problems in the future.

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