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Are properties with code violations always a bad deal?

If a property in Kern County is a good price and in a good location, but has a code violation, should I disregard it?

Not necessarily. Do your research. First, find out what the code violation is for. You can do this by contacting the Kern County Planning Agency. They can tell you exactly what the violation is.

Protect your company so you can continue to profit

As a business owner, you have a lot to think about. Many employees won't realize how complex running a business is until they are left to make some of the decisions. This is why some business owners turn to managers and executives to handle the day-to-day decision-making and running of the business.

We realize that your business is like your baby. You've worked hard to get it to the point where you consider it a success. We can help you to find ways to keep it profitable and running smoothly.

Don't get stuck on the launchpad as your new business takes off

You may have encountered any number of reactions when you first toward your friends and family that you planned to start your own business. Some of your California colleagues may have patted your back, wished you well, then told you that you were crazy. Others may have supported your dream and offered to help you along the way. If any of those happened to be financial analysts or people well-versed in business and commercial law, you may want to take them up on their offers.

It's often tremendously challenging taking a new business from its idea phases to fruition. A major pitfall of which you'll want to be aware has to do with finances. In fact, many businesses never make it off the ground when entrepreneurs fail to avoid certain pitfalls of the startup phase.

Evaluate the quality of the air in the workplace

Many people say that their job makes them sick, but there are some people who are actually ill due to the conditions of their workplace. One issue that plagues some workers is indoor air pollution.

You might not think about the quality of the air in your office, but there is a good chance that it is actually worse for you than the air outside. There is a chance that the quality of air indoors contains two to five times the pollutants of outdoor air. In severe cases, that rate can be up to 100 times worse than outdoor air.

Estate planning from before death to after

The exact estate plan that you need to work on depends on the factors of your life. Just last week, we discussed why you need to think about making a succession plan if you have a business. This is one of the less common things that come into the picture when you are planning an estate.

We can help you to evaluate the possible ways that you can set up your estate. We will discuss your goals with you. It is a good idea to start your thinking with the days that lead up to your death. This enables you to make plans for who will make medical decisions for you, what kinds of medical care you want and who is going to make financial decisions for you. All of these have a big impact on your final days on Earth.

Think about the fate of your business after you die

All small business owners need to think about what is going to happen to the business when they die. You need to put a plan in place so that your business isn't left without leadership when you are gone.

Coming up with a succession plan now can help your business and your loved ones. This might not be something that you are considering because you might plan to sell the business so you can enjoy your retirement. This is what around 78 percent of small business owners are planning on doing. But, what happens if you don't sell the business before you die?

Know land use and zoning laws for properties you are considering

When you buy property in California, you can't do whatever you want to do on the land. Instead, you have to use the land in accordance with the applicable zoning and land use laws. These laws are set by municipalities to govern how land is used. A host of factors go into each one of these guidelines.

Buying property for your business has to include some research about what the land use and zoning laws state for the space. We know that this is something that you might not want to do when you think you found the perfect place for your business. Taking the time to complete this step could prevent you from buying a property that you can't use.

Choose your health care proxy carefully

One of the most important decisions you have to make regarding your health care is who is going to stand in your stead to make decisions for you when you can't do that task. The person you choose is known as your health care proxy, agent or surrogate.

When you give power of attorney for health care to someone, you are entrusting him or her to make all of the decisions about your care. One thing to remember here is that your living will takes precedence over this person's directions. This means that the proxy can't go against the terms of the living will.

What to expect as the executor of an estate

Whether it came as a shock or you were expecting the conversation, the recent request of a loved one for you to be the executor of his or her estate may have left you with mixed emotions. Certainly, of all the people your loved one knows, to have chosen you speaks volumes about your integrity and the level of trust your family places in you.

On the other side of the coin, you suspect the job of estate executor is not going to be easy, and you aren't sure what to expect when the sad day comes and your loved one passes. Since your loved one shared his or her wishes with you ahead of time, you have a chance to find the answers to your questions and decide if you really want to handle the responsibilities and headaches that accompany the honor.

Know how to change your will when necessary

When you review your will periodically, you want to make sure it accurately conveys your wishes. If the will doesn't make your wishes known, you will need to update it. Updating your will isn't as easy as just jotting down the changes you want to make. In most cases, you will have to rewrite the will. Thankfully, doing so isn't too difficult.

When you update or rewrite your will, you need to make sure that you make it clear that previous versions of the will are void. This means that you should include a statement in the current will that makes it clear that any prior versions of your will mustn't be considered and are revoked.

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